Rehabilitating Houses

An interdisciplinary team of students (construction management and architecture) engaged in redesigning structures for Greater Muncie Habitat for Humanity to prepare the structures for restoration and renovation. The main tangible outcome was the final documents (construction drawings, scope of work, list of materials and budget) which will then be used by Greater Muncie Habitat for Humanity to rehabilitate each house. This semester the documents for two houses will be completed and these houses will then be remodeled in 2017. Students completing this experience received relevant professional experience, as rehabilitating existing structures is a major part of their future professions. The targeted majors, construction management and architecture, will work together throughout their careers, frequently for the same companies. The interdisciplinary student teams in this class were invaluable in providing the students the opportunity to understand the contributions of, and their relationship to, the other professions.

Faculty Mentors: Janet Fick
Departments: Technology
Community Partner: Greater Muncie Habitat for Humanity
Students: Courtney Castleman, Emily Epple, Kaylee Jacoob, Ryan Johnston, Toby McClintic, Collin Mercer, Katie Mercer, Haylee Moscato, Brayton Underhill, Tyler Woolen, Chase Woosley

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