Preventing Financial Exploitation of Older Adults

Financial fraud and abuse are on the rise and older adults are prime targets for functional exploitation. Financial scams targeting older adults have become so prevalent, they are being considered “The Crime of the 21st Century”. Preventing financial exploitation from ever happening in the first place is the best defense for protecting older adults. In collaboration with the Muncie Delaware Senior Center, the project team prepared training materials that included prevention steps, warning signs and typical schemes targeted at older adults. The team worked with the Center and developed a training protocol and process focused on educating older adults on issues related to financial exploitation.

Faculty Mentor: Ronald Dolon
Department: Social Work
Community Partner: Muncie Delaware Senior Center
Students: Samantha Disher, Kelly Eby, Kelsey Freiburger, Laura Groleau, Sarah Hellman, Addie Herndon, Carolyn Keating, Sarah Leone, Haley McAbee, Miranda Morris, Hannah Yeoman