ARP Funding Round 1

Current Round: ROUND 2

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2022 Allocations
List of neighborhoods with allocation amounts


If your neighborhood is not yet organized, begin here

Intent to Organize (Click for form)

This form is intended for Neighborhood Associations that are not currently organized and will help determine the steps necessary to make sure your Neighborhood Association will be eligible for ARP Funds. This form MUST be submitted no later than 5:00 p.m. on March 01, 2022, to be eligible for Neighborhoods ARP funding.

Megan Orbin, Neighborhood Coordinator – Muncie Action Plan, will be your contact for questions or concerns and will reach out to you after completing the survey to schedule a meeting to discuss how MAP can facilitate your neighborhood in meeting the eligibility requirements and to develop a plan for potential projects and community engagement.

If your neighborhood is already organized, begin here

Intent to Apply (Click for form)

This form is intended for already organized Neighborhood Associations and will help determine how many Neighborhood Associations intend to apply for funds and what the final allocation will look like. This form MUST be submitted no later than 5:00 p.m. on March 01, 2022, to be eligible for Neighborhoods ARP funding.

If you cannot provide the information requested on this form, please contact Megan Orbin, Neighborhood Coordinator – Muncie Action Plan, After completing the survey, Megan Orbin will reach out to help facilitate a plan for potential projects and community engagement.

Not sure what the status of your neighborhood is?

*If your neighborhood is not represented on this chart, please contact Megan Orbin at to find out how you can organize a neighborhood association to access the ARP funding.

Pre-Application Phase

Pre-Application (Click for form)
Due May 1, 2022

  1. Before submitting the Pre-Application, Neighborhood Associations must meet with Muncie Action Plan’s Neighborhood Coordinator, Mo Orbin, by April 15th, 2022.
  2. Interested Neighborhood Associations are strongly encouraged to attend an informational session about the grant. The first opportunity is the lunch keynote at the I.D.E.A. Conference on March 5th. Registration is free.
  3. The Pre-Application will require the attachment of the following documents: Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, and the last two bank statements OR a signed Memorandum of Agreement (MOU) with a partnering fiscal agent. (An MOU will be provided for you to utilize.)
Application Documents

Formal Application (Click for form)
Sample Application (pdf)

ARP Timeline

03.01.22 – Intent to Organize or Intent to Apply Deadline
03.05.22 – IDEA Conference
04.15.22 – All neighborhoods intending to submit an application must meet with MAP Neighborhoods Coordinator no later than 04.15.22
04.30.22 – Deadline to become a qualified Neighborhood
05.01.22 – Pre-Application due for all neighborhoods (funding amounts are determined based on # qualified neighborhoods)
05.22 – Application is available online. *Funding must be obligated by the end of 2024.
12.06.23 – Deadline to submit formal application to MAP Task Force 3; neighborhoods whose applications have not been approved by the full MAP Board of Directors by Dec. 31st will forfeit their ARP funding.
End of 2026 – All ARP funds must be expended.

It is unknown as to when exactly in May funds will be available to distribute.

ARP Neighborhood Funding Process

  1. Final Application submitted
  2. MAP Task Force 2 Reviews Application for eligibility and makes a recommendation to the MAP Board
  3. MAP Board votes
  4. MAP notifies neighborhood association and signs ARP Funding Agreement
  5. MAP notifies City of Muncie to disburse funds to the neighborhood association

Round 1 Applications

These ARP applications have been approved by the Muncie Action Plan board of directors:

Westminster Villas | Morningside | Minnetrista Central | Halteman Village | Old West End | South Central | McKinley | Riverside/Normal City | Gilbert | Kenmore | Industry | Anthony-Northside | East Central | Gatewood | Southside | Storer Woods | Thomas Park Avondale | Westbrier | Westridge

ARP Neighborhoods Committee

​$1,000,000 has been allocated to invest in Muncie’s neighborhoods through funding from the American Rescue Plan. These dollars are scheduled for May of 2022 and will be allocated through the Muncie Action Plan, with guidelines established for eligible use set by a committee established by City Council President Jeff Robinson.

For more information about applying for funding, please visit the City of Muncie’s Neighborhood ARP page on their website. Questions may be directed to Jeff Robinson at

Committee Members

Jeff Robinson (City Council President), Dan Gibson (City Council Attorney), Heather Williams (Chair, MAP), Megan Orbin (MAP), Katie Wray (Kramer Real Estate), Kourtney McCauliff (Kenmore) , Courtney Marsh (Southside), Lezlie McCrory (South Central), Ken Hudson (Whitely), Eddie Chappell (Industry), Jena Ashby (8twelve), Nora Powell (Westridge), Brad Polk (City Council District 4, Halteman)

Committee’s Role
  • How to allocate funding proportionally to neighborhoods; determine a fair and equitable system for distribution. Would suggest using numbers of houses in neighborhoods, dollar amount per house available.
  • What the funds may be used for; will stricter parameters be set than the Federal guidelines?
  • Who can apply for funding; requirements for neighborhood associations.
  • What are the community engagement requirements for neighborhoods (find friends to help cover this cost).
  • What the selection and award process will look like (MAP will be responsible for the selection and award process).

November 11th public meeting minutes
December 9th public meeting minutes

Muncie neighborhood association leaders’ contact list (download)