ARP Funding Round 2!

Brochure (pdf) | ROUND 1 | NEW: ARP Round 1 Project Report

Announcing APR Round 2 Funding!

ARP Round 2 Timeline

April 01, 2024Pre-Application Due
MAP Task Force 3 (TF3) Review for Eligibility
June 01, 2024Fully Application Due
Neighborhood APR Steering Committee & TF3 Review and Recommendations
July 03, 2024MAP Board Review and Vote
December 31, 2024Funds Must be Committed by Neighborhood Association

Pre-Application Form | Neighborhood ARP Round 2 Application | Guidelines



Dan Gibson (City Council Attorney), Heather Williams (Chair, MAP), Megan Orbin (MAP), Katie Wray (Kramer Real Estate), Kourtney McCauliff (Kenmore) , Courtney Marsh (Southside), Lezlie McCrory (South Central), Ken Hudson (Whitely), Eddie Chappell (Industry), Jena Ashby (8twelve), Nora Powell (City Council District 2, Westridge), Brad Polk (Halteman), Jeff Robinson.