Human Rights Symposium

Created in 1964, the Muncie Human Rights Commission studies problems related to discrimination in the city and advocates for quality in education, employment, youth recreation, and housing regardless of race, color, creed, or nationality. Students in this immersive project worked with the Human Rights Commission and other local institutions to develop, administer, and evaluate a Human Rights Symposium for the Muncie community. The purpose of the meeting was to increase awareness for residents’ human rights and the City of Muncie Human Rights Commission’s mission, services, and the process for filing and investigating complaints.

Faculty Mentor: Ruby Cain
Department: Educational Studies
Community Partners: City of Muncie Human Rights Commission, Industry Neighborhood Association, Whitely Community Council, Muncie Public Library, Muncie Housing Authority, It Is Well With My Soul, DePaul University School of New Learning and Service Engagement Projects, Northeast Indiana Workers Project, Inc.
Student Team:Karen Lloyd; Christina Martzall; Althea McWilliams; Taylor Mullins, Dewayne Richmond; Jenny Schultz; Alex Stoltie; Christinia Scott; and Danielle Vorhees

Cultural Identities and Community Engagement

In this project, students explored the intersectionality of cultural identities, history and impact of structural racism, positionality of race, and strategies for promoting inclusion and civic engagement through family and history research, presentations, oral storytelling, and the development of traveling exhibits. Students worked along with community members to develop and administer Talking Race Human Library in Muncie, Fort Wayne, South Bend, and Indianapolis, using the book, Facing Racism, as a resource. The course is designed as an interactive seminar to foster student discussion, discover family histories, and promote community involvement. The course is constructed from curriculum developed in the community program; It is Well With My Soul.

Faculty Mentor: Ruby Cain
Department: Educational Studies
Community Partners: Human Library Fort Wayne, Muncie Public Library, Purdue University Fort Wayne, It Is Well With My Soul, Whitely Community Council, Industry Neighborhood, Fort Wayne Urban League
Students: Adriana Arthur, Molly Boso, Vashon Broadnax,
Kara Duquette, Kizmin Jones, Lamaiya Lancaster, Alexis McKenzie, Ellen Sauer, Audrey Whitson

Computer Science for Middle Schoolers (CS4MS)

Diversity is essential for the future success of Computer Science (CS). Further, there is simply a lack of student exposure to CS in elementary and high school.Via the regular school curriculum, students are exposed to the hard sciences and mathematics, but seldom CS. As a result, students are likely to have little idea of what it means to be a Computer Scientist or if they have any interest in being one. With the recent adoption of CS K-8 academic standards in Indiana, this is changing, but most teachers have little, or no experience teaching these new topics. The focus of this immersive learning class was to expose the partner’s students, particularly underrepresented minorities and females, to CS and Computational Thinking (CT)–a need expressed by our partner. Our project team accumulated instructional resources, and developed activity templates and modules that will better incorporate CS and CT experiences, with a focus on meeting the Indiana CS academic standards.The school administrators and teachers can utilize the compiled resources, and implement the completed modules during normal school classes, during the summer, after school, or during extended breaks, based on their needs.

Fall 2019

Faculty Mentor: David Largent
Department: Computer Science
Community Partners: Northside Middle School, Burris Laboratory School, Muncie Central High School
Students: Sara Bailey, Luke Betts, Ben Bishop, Chris Bucker, Corbin Creedon, Gwyn Hultquist, Dakota Savage, Joe Schmidt, Madison Turley, Brian Walker, Sean Wolfe

Fall 2018

Faculty Mentor: David Largent
Department: Computer Science
Community Partners: Northside Middle School, Daleville Junior/Senior High School, and Burris Labratory School
Students: Ryan Ahler, Luke Betts, Austin Bolles, Michael Bratton, Will English, Josh Passey, Alexander Perry, Sarah Phipps, Adam Wessel, Morgan Williams

Fall 2017

Faculty Mentor: David Largent
Department: Computer Science
Community Partners: Northside Middle School
Students: Monica Appel, Meghan Duffy, Rachel Harvey, Anna Hawkins, Benjamin Lawson, Ryan Magley, Joshua Pegg, Ian Pemberton, Jordan Reidy, Timothy Skinner, Cody York

PHOTOS: 2017 Pies for Peace

Everyone was loving Muncie and their neighborhoods at the 2017 Pies for Peace event!