Abandoned Housing Policy Analysis

An excess of abandoned housing currently exists within the City of Muncie. The presence of this abandoned housing creates a number of problems for nearby residents and also for the city as a whole. Policies, intended to reduce the quantity of abandoned housing in the city, have not had as a large an impact as had been hoped. This project team gathered evidence first about the problem and its impacts in the community and then developed a limited number of policy alternatives, estimated their likely impacts, and made policy recommendations for consideration by the community partner.

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Faculty Mentor: Chip Taylor
Department: Political Science
Community Partner: Muncie Redevelopment Commission
Students: Carly Acree-King, Joshua Arter, Allison Badgero, Derick Brady, Travis Casper, Julia Chanen, Amy Combs, Aaron Davis, Jessica Fields, Nathanial Law, David Nickel, Jessica Nickel, Alex Rodriguez, Greta Slater, Aaron Tellez, Gage VanDine, Jes Wade