Neighborhood Gardens

Gardens can be a great way to beautify your neighborhood, mitigate small scale flooding and drainage issues, and even produce fresh food for the community.

Gardens in Muncie

The Muncie Urban Garden Initiative (UGI) networks resources and community engagement to encourage more local urban food production. Gardens in the UGI network cover 1.75 acres across Muncie; these do not include hundreds of backyard gardens that are in production as well.

View maps of current UGI garden locations and potential urban garden properties.

UGI has many resources for potential gardeners, including a Facebook page, books, tools, rototiller, straw, compost, seeds, plants, and experienced gardeners to educate. If your neighborhood, church, school, or business.

Muncie also has an Urban Garden Committee.  They have compiled a map of urban garden resources that you can view here.

Local Farmer’s Markets

Flavor Fresh Mobile Market Tree Hill Farms
Tuesdays, Thursdays & Fridays
(Locations, start times, & options vary)
Landess Farm Market Daleville
Sunday-Friday | 10am-6pm
Minnetrista Farmers Market
Saturdays | 8am-212pm
(WIC/SFMN_ & IU Health Bucks)
Muncie Makers Market
Saturdays | 4pm-7pm
Northern Tropics Greenhouse
Monday-Saturday | 12pm-6pm
Open Door Farmers Market
Tuesday-Thursdays | 11am-2pm
(Open July 18th | WIC/SFMNP)
Yorktown Farmers Market
Wednesdays | 4:30pm-7pm

Rain Gardens

Rain gardens are shallow landscaped area that collects rain water from roofs, driveways, sidewalks and lawns and filters it through soil and plants before it enters storm drains or streams.

Stormwater Educator Jason Donati from the Muncie Sanitary District created a presentation on creating your own rain garden: “Going Green with Rain Barrels and Rain Gardens.”

Learn more with this Rain Garden brochure from the Hoosier Heartland Resource Conservation and Development Council and the Clear Choices, Clean Water website.

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