Western Woods Neighborhood Successfully Lobbies for 4-Way Stop

After a resident petition and several public meetings, a representative from the Muncie Street Department delivered the final proposal for the Clarksdale & McKenzie intersection at Western Woods’ April 22nd meeting. There will be a 4 way stop (2 on Riverside, 1 at Clarksdale and 1 at McKenzie), 2 – 30ft ADA compliant sidewalks on each side of Riverside leading up to the crossing and pedestrian activated crossing lights that are the same as found on University Ave. in the Village. Duke Campbell, Street Department Superintendent will present the plan to the Board of Works at their May 6th meeting. He will then speak with the owners where the sidewalks will be placed and proceed with construction as soon as possible. The next step will be installing the lights. Additionally, Riverside and West View Boulevard will be repaved this summer.

The completion date is projected to be before the end of May as the Catalina Swim Club will be opening and Muncie Public Schools will be ending soon after. Concerns were expressed at the public meetings about possible traffic back-ups during peak times in the morning and evening and possible issues for pedestrians experiencing a false sense of security from the crossing lights. These issues will require educating pedestrians, bicyclists, runners, and the driving public.

The President of the Western Woods Neighborhood Association, Sylvia McVey would like to express her appreciation to everyone that attended the meetings to voice their opinions and help find a solution.

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