Cardinal Weather Service

Weather and climate information is critical to the way we conduct our lives. This project focused on the creation of the Cardinal Weather Service (CWS), an organization that creates and communicates daily public forecasts for clients within the greater Delaware County area. The CWS tailors forecasts based on the needs of our community. Specifically, the overarching goal of this project was to establish the operational guidelines, procedures, and structure of the Cardinal Weather Service, including furnishing the space in which it will be located.

Faculty Mentor: Nathan Hitchens & Petra Zimmerman
Department: Geography
Community Partners: Cardinal Greenway, Delaware County Futbol Club
Students: Kyle Amonette, Molly Coates, Lauren Elston, Adam Grimes, Amanda Kedzierski, James Longwith, Derrick Marsee, Josh Maurice, Ethan Rosuck, Lauren Slaven, Joe Strus,
Balint Szalavari, Jessica Walsh

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