Planet Muncie: Survey of Environmental Organizations in Muncie and Delaware County

In 2014,the Muncie Action Plan (MAP) sponsored an immersive learning project that investigated how communities similar to Muncie are coordinating community-wide sustainability initiatives. One outcome of that project was the development of a template for a “Sustainable Muncie” website that identified the sustainability related organizations and resources throughout Muncie and Delaware County. MAP approached Ball State expressing a desire to revisit those outcomes. The project team was tasked with identifying the organizations and resources currently available in Muncie and organizing that information into a directory for dissemination. The collection of this information will serve two purposes. The first is to aid the MAP in identification of service gaps that are not currently being addressed in the community. This information, in turn, would provide an agenda for future efforts of MAP. The second purpose for identifying these community resources is to develop a single, publicly accessible clearing house where community members, organization leaders, and local decision-makers could find out about all of the community’s environmentally related organizations and resources.

Faculty Mentor: David Hua
Department: Social Work
Community Partner: Muncie Action Plan
Students: Emily Dewig, Austin Fleming, Lindsey Stamper, Quintin Thompson

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