Study of Lead (Pb) in Muncie (ongoing)


Spring 2020: Urban Health in Muncie, IN:  Pb in the Soils

Lead (Pb) is a dangerous neurotoxin especially harmful to children,and residents in Delaware County have blood lead levels testing at three times the national average. A 2018 immersive project mapped locations where blood levels were high and sampled local soils.In this year’s immersive project,“Urban Health in Muncie, IN: Pb in Soils,”students looking for the location of potential lead sources. The goal of the project was for students and the United Way of Delaware, Henry, and Randolph Counties to better understand why, despite proven access to lead-free water, local children have higher-than average blood concentrations of lead.

Faculty Mentors: Carolyn Dowling, Jessi Haeft
Departments: Environment, Geology, and Natural Resources
Community Partners: United Way of Delaware, Henry, and Randolph Counties
Students: Emma Altimus, Brady Andres, Cameron Bell, Joseph Hall, Jordan Lee, Katryn Lods, Patrick Ollier, Erin Powell, Elizabeth Riester, Ignacio Rodriguez, Quentin Simpson, Matt Stickler, Drew Toombs, Luke Vanderveen, and Gunnar Young

Fall 2018: Preliminary Study of Lead (Pb) in Muncie (PSLM)

Lead (Pb) is a persistent neurotoxin, and over 7% of population tested in Muncie and Delaware County has elevated blood lead levels (BLL), ~3x greater than the national average (2.5%). Through research and analysis, students in this project hoped to find the source(s) of lead that is driving these high BLL in Muncie/Delaware County. The students wrote a final report that summarized their high-impact community research project and recommended the next steps to continue the project, and presented their findings to United Way of Delaware County.

Faculty Mentors: Carolyn Dowling, Jessi Haeft
Departments: Geological Sciences, Natural Resources and Environmental Management
Community Partners: United Way of Delaware County
Students: Ben Azar, Allison Bolser, Peter Danzl-Tauer, Chelsea Eickleberry, Maryssa Engstrom, Adeline Evans, Sam Fields, Kerragon Garab, Hannah Gastineau, Adrion Gibson, Henry David Isenberg, Tony Keller, Josh Kiler, Angela Lankford, Jennifer Loyal, Andy Riley,Rose Snyder, Sarah Wilber, Julia Ysidron

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