Families for Forward Thinking: Partnering with Parents in the 21st Century

This immersive project involved partnering with Wee Wisdom Nursery School and Child Care Facility in Muncie.  Students enrolled in EDEL 231 worked collaboratively to create, design and launch a new program entitled, Families for Forward Thinking (FFT).  Alongside Wee Wisdom staff and families, students distinguished parental needs regarding positive home structures.  Participating students explored research proven and practical strategies that parents and families could implement at home to best provide a positive environment.  These strategies incorporated within a student-created FFT online source.  This dynamic resource was linked to the collaborating partner’s website at the end of the semester.  Through the site, parents have access to video vignettes of students/teachers working with children, relevant articles, and pragmatic resources on meaningful topics that enhance their child’s academic and social success.  In addition, Ball State students identified specific areas of parental interest and provided two parent education workshops/events.  Students also organized and planned an in-service session for Wee Wisdom staff to support their ongoing work with parents.

Faculty Mentor:  Stacey Allred
Department:  Elementary Education
Community Partner:  Wee Wisdom Nursery School and Child Care Facility
Students: Hunter Eineman, Christina Koehl, Bridget Millar, Shana Miller, Monique Moore, Daniel Skora, Eva Wehrle, Hannah Wiley

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