East Central Neighborhood Action Plan

The East Central Neighborhood Action Plan (ECNAP) is a citizen-generated policy regarding the future of the neighborhood, containing initiatives that will developed by the residents of the neighborhood with the assistance of the students. The ECNAP fell under the umbrella of the Muncie Action Plan (MAP), which is a strategic guide for the city to create an action agenda for the future. A partnership was established with MAP and Ball State University to help with the organization of neighborhoods, to assist with needs assessment/goal setting and to develop collaborative projects that meet the unique needs of each neighborhood. In addition to the action plan, a ECNAP handbook was also produced as a document to aid citizen planners when they begin to enact initiatives from the plan.

Plan Website

Faculty Mentor: Lisa Dunaway
Department: Urban Planning
Community Partner: East Central Neighborhood Association
Students: Joshua Bannister, Josh Campbell, Brendyn Cyrus, Matt Dixon, Alyssa Flandermeyer, Lauren Gillingham, Gregory Huss, Kenta Lanham, Keaton Osborn, Alexander Pormen, Ellen Randall, Ikechukwu Robert-Eze, Paige Story, Taylor Sweet, Shannon Szabo, Jordan Wyatt

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