Elementary and Maker Workshops: Making an Interactive STEAM Exhibity with Elementary Pre-service Teachers and Children

This immersive learning project situated undergraduate students, specifically first year pre-service teachers, as designers and producers of elementary workshops for Burris Laboratory School’s science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM) Enrichment Club, which is operated by the Center for Gifted Studies and Talent Development. The purpose of this project was two-fold: (1) to meet the needs of Burris’ STEAM Enrichment Club and (2) to offer real-world experience to both immersive learning students and elementary children who designed, planned, implemented, and managed STEAM related activities. With such a heavy emphasis on STEM related standards in our elementary schools, the STEAM Enrichment Club reminds students and teachers that through art we reconnect “the arts and sciences in ways that learning can happen at the intersection of the two” (Robelen, 2011). Root-Bernstein and Root-Bernstein (1999) found that many of the Nobel laureates in science were also artists. This immersive learning project introduced pre-service, first year students, who have majored in elementary education, to experiences that integrated digital technologies and new media across the elementary curriculum via the arts and sciences.

Faculty Mentor: Kate Shively
Department: Elementary Education
Community Partner: Burris Laboratory School
Students: Hannah Andrews, Christa Burns, Sydney Chaney, James Colter, Erin Coogan, Erin Fleece, Chloe Gaines, Taylor Hobson, Lauren Hoffman, Samatha Jazayeri, Bailie Lehman, Aubrey Meister, Alexis Methner, Giselle Monfreda, McKinley Purdy, Jessica Reis, Claire Riemersma, Abbie Rooker, Hannah Wintz, Christopher Wright

East Central Neighborhood Action Plan

The East Central Neighborhood Action Plan (ECNAP) is a citizen-generated policy regarding the future of the neighborhood, containing initiatives that will developed by the residents of the neighborhood with the assistance of the students. The ECNAP fell under the umbrella of the Muncie Action Plan (MAP), which is a strategic guide for the city to create an action agenda for the future. A partnership was established with MAP and Ball State University to help with the organization of neighborhoods, to assist with needs assessment/goal setting and to develop collaborative projects that meet the unique needs of each neighborhood. In addition to the action plan, a ECNAP handbook was also produced as a document to aid citizen planners when they begin to enact initiatives from the plan.

Plan Website

Faculty Mentor: Lisa Dunaway
Department: Urban Planning
Community Partner: East Central Neighborhood Association
Students: Joshua Bannister, Josh Campbell, Brendyn Cyrus, Matt Dixon, Alyssa Flandermeyer, Lauren Gillingham, Gregory Huss, Kenta Lanham, Keaton Osborn, Alexander Pormen, Ellen Randall, Ikechukwu Robert-Eze, Paige Story, Taylor Sweet, Shannon Szabo, Jordan Wyatt

Fall 2016 Ball State Immersive Learning Projects

Ball State faculty, students, and community partners are working together this fall on a number of immersive learning projects in and around Muncie.

Let’s Build!
Community Partner:  Ross Center
Faculty Mentor:  Jennifer Warrner, Department of Technology

Delaware County Historical Society Strategic Plan
Community Partner:  Delaware County Historical Society
Faculty Mentor:  Robert V. Morris, Department of History

East Central Neighborhood Action Plan
Community Partner:  East Central Neighborhood Association
Faculty Mentor:  Lisa Dunaway, Department of Urban Planning

Elementary Maker Workshops:  Making an Interactive STEAM Exhibit with Elementary Pre-service Teachers and Children
Community Partner:  Burris Laboratory School
Faculty Mentor:  Kate Shively, Department of Elementary Education 

Engaging the Next Generation of Leaders:  Character and Leadership Development at the Boys & Girls Club of Muncie
Community Partner:  Boys & Girls Club of Muncie
Faculty Mentor:  Peggy Fisher, Department of Communication Studies

Families for Forward Thinking:  Partnering with Parents in the 21st Century
Community Partner:  Wee Wisdom Nursery School and Child Care Facility
Faculty Mentor:  Stacey Allred, Department of Elementary Education 

Sustainability Park for Northwest Muncie
Community Partner:  Red-tail Land Conservancy
Faculty Mentor:  Dave Ferguson, Department of Landscape Architecture 

Jacket Copy Creative: Covering All Your Communication Needs
Community Partner:  Whitely Community Council
Faculty Mentor:  Eva Grouling Snider, Department of English

Unmasked: The Stigma of Meth
Community Partner:  Ball Brothers Foundation
Faculty Mentors:  Terry Heifetz, Department of Telecommunications, Juli Metzger, Department of Journalism

Narrative Contemporary Dance
Community Partner:  Cornerstone Center for the Arts
Faculty Mentors:  Vladimir Stadnik, Department of Theatre and Dance

Preventing Financial Exploitation of Older Adults
Community Partner:  Muncie Delaware Senior Center
Faculty Mentor:  Ronald Dolon, Department of Social Work

Riverside-Normal City:  Portrait of a Middletown Neighborhood in a Post-Industrial Age
Community Partner:  Riverside-Normal Neighborhood Association, Building Better Neighborhoods
Faculty Mentor:  Jennifer Erickson, Department of Anthropology

Shafer Leadership – Community Needs Assessment
Community Partner:  Shafer Leadership Academy
Faculty Mentor:  Melinda Messineo, Department of Sociology

East Central Neighborhood Display @ Kennedy Library

A note from Annie Poole, ECNA resident and association board member:

If you have a chance, please stop by the Kennedy Branch Library this month and check out the East Central Neighborhood display in the cases along the north wall.  Mike Mavis and I filled all 4 cases with Emily Kimbrough books and memorabilia and they look wonderful, if I may say so myself. We also were able to work in education about our neighborhood and the Washington Street Festival into the displays. In fact, the table display is mostly centered around the Festival. A big thank you to Mike who was able to provide some really unique and interesting Emily items and to Dawn for the complete collection of Emily’s books. It really looks fantastic…. Emily’s books have never shined more brightly since they were published.

Go check it out!!!!

July 26th – East Central Neighborhood Association Picnic in the Park

The East Central Neighborhood Association hosted the Annual Picnic in the Park Summer Celebration on Sunday, July 26th from 1-3:00 pm at Washington Park. The picnic included a cookout with free hot dogs and hamburgers, sides, drinks and ice cream for all neighborhood residents and their guests. This relaxing lunch was a great chance to connect or reconnect with neighbors and included activities for the kids so the grown ups had a chance to sit back and chat.

Neighborhood Rummage Sales

Many of Muncie’s neighborhoods are working together to organize and host rummage sales. Please check back as this list will be updated as new sales are advertised.

Robinwood: May 16th (8:00 am – 12:00 pm)

Ludingwood: June 5th – 7th (starting at 8:00 each day)

East Central: Saturday, June 6th (8:00 am – 2:00 pm)

Indian Village: Friday & Saturday, June 12th – 13th (starting at 8:00 am each day)

Old West End Bazaar: August 8th

Thomas Park/Avondale: September 12th (8:00 – 1:00 pm) in conjunction with and located at the Avondale United Methodist Church

*The Delaware County Sheriff’s Department created a short blog to educate the public on rummage sale safety.