Unmasked: The Stigma of Meth

Many people are already aware that the number of meth cases in the county has increased dramatically every year since 2010 and that Delaware County leads the state in the number of meth labs discovered. However, many may not know about the wider problems that the use of this illegal drug causes – medically, economically and environmentally. Through a strategic messaging plan – including social media, earned media and paid media – as well as significant editorial content – stories, photos, web video and a documentary, this project endeavored to engage the community in the discussion. By crossing disciplines and demographics; it offers solutions and best practices from communities who, like here, are tackling this issue.

Faculty Mentor: Terry Heifetz, Juli Metzger
Department: Telecommunications, Journalism
Community Partner: Ball Brothers Foundation
Students: Jenny Alvaro, Seth Beiswenger, Kelsey Dickeson, Phylisia Donaldson, Brent Fuller, Sophie Gordon, Sarah James, Bradley Jones, Roy Killelea, Michael Kuhn, Jenna Liston, Jessica Lyle, Ryan McClain, Megan Melton, John Osterhoudt, Devon Roddel, Emma Rogers, Tony Sandleben, Troy Scott, John Seyler, Liam Shelton, Nicholas Siano, Desiree Williams, Jacob Wilson Elizabeth Wyman, Bobby Yeager, Liz Young

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