Jacket Copy Creative: Covering All Your Communication Needs

This immersive learning project managed the public communications of two real-world organizations: Whitely Community Council and the Ball State English Department. They produced promotional materials, managed social media, maintained websites, edited blogs, and conducted focus groups. This was an incredible opportunity for students to gain valuable professional experience in a variety of fields, including editing/publishing, content marketing, public relations, graphic design, web development, strategic communications, and social media management.

Faculty Mentor: Eva Grouling Snider
Department: English
Community Partner: Whitely Community Council
Students: Whitney Albright, Tristan Bennington, Lauren Birkey, Nikole Darnell, Sarah Debs, Kirsten Dollar, Ellie Fawcett, Bethany Gordon, Kathryn Hampshire, Melissa Jones, Hannah Partidge, Kelli Reutman, Sydney Robbins, Shantelle Taylor, Brittany Ulman, Brittany Wiggins

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