Mathematics in Cultural Contexts 2018: Emergent Professionals Today and Responsible Educators Tomorrow

In this partnership with Muncie Community Schools, participants engaged with elementary students and teachers at East Washington Academy to develop knowledge and skills for fostering children’s learning, with special attention to mathematics. Through the range of experiences, participants acquired the disposition to critically reflect on the larger social, political and cultural forces at work in American culture, the K -12 educational system as nested within it and locate themselves as culturally situated emergent educators. Participants also worked with parents to develop an understanding of the cultural contexts of children’s lives and encouraged building awareness of children’s mathematical learning experiences in the home and family life. Collaborative, interdisciplinary learning experiences for participants included working with the teachers to provide supplementary mathematics instruction for small groups of children, designing and implementing lessons for whole-class instruction, and designing and implementing a Family Math Night as the primary setting in which to engage parents and children in doing mathematics together! Students also supported a blog ( aimed at building community and camaraderie among teacher candidates at a challenging time for the profession.

Faculty Mentors: Sheron Fraser-Burgess, Sheryl Stump, Lynette Varner
Departments: Educational Studies, Mathematical Sciences, Elementary Education
Community Partner: East Washington Academy
Students: Emily Alig, Sydney Amstutz, Lilia Arroyo, Megan Chalfant, Erin Halioris, Ayrrana Hickman, Logan Inman, Bryttani Knight, Josie Valentine

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