Bringing in and Branching Out: Recruiting Employees and Building Community Connections

According to data from the Indiana Department of Workforce Development in 2016, the poverty rate in Delaware County was 21.6%, and poverty among children under the age of 18 was 25.7% ( These alarming statistics speak to the need for Open Door Health Services (ODHS) and the services it provides our community. In this two semester project, the immersive learning team will help ODHS draw and retain qualified service providers by updating their website, producing new recruitment videos and materials, and updating the onboarding process for both medical and non-medical employees. The team will also assist ODHS in determining current marketing needs through interviews and focus groups, assessing and improving the new patient orientation process, and upgrading its social media presence.

Faculty Mentors: Peggy Fisher
Departments: Communication Studies
Community Partners: Open Door Health Services
Students: Abigail Bensman, Haley Collison, Marisa Conaster, Olivia DeSalvo, Margo Morton, Gaylan Owens, Taylor Ross, Erica Smith, Ashley Taylor

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