Reading the Wor(l)d Critical Literacy and Culturally Responsive Classroom Libraries

Research affirms the power of culturally relevant literature and practice (Clark 2017), yet, the International Literacy Association (2018) reports that equity in literacy, diversity, and access to diverse content are the most pressing issues in K-12 schools, acknowledging that teachers are unprepared to address these challenges. This project addressed this preparation gap. Pre-service teacher candidates worked with classroom teachers, students, and community members to design classroom libraries containing a robust collection of culturally relevant texts.

Faculty Mentors: Kristin Cipollone, Susan Tancock
Departments: Elementary Education
Community Partners: Whitely Community Council, Longfellow Elementary School
Students: Keaton Bailey, Miranda Berry, Sarah Black, Sydney Chaney, Kayla DeRemer, Alyssa Flanagan, Olivia Ford, Jordan Fuerstenau, Ashlin Hair, Kaylie Johnston, Hannah Lockington, Hailey Maupin, Sarah Meyer, Alison Schwartz, Bre’Anna Serf, Makenzie Smith, Michaela Strahm, Kortney Thalls

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