Sitting at the Feet of our Muncie Elders: Stories of Resistance and Resiliency

In this two-semester project, Ball State students from English, creative writing, journalism, public relations, and other humanities degrees connected with Muncie senior citizens to capture their stories of resistance and resilience. In the fall semester, students read, studied, and analyzed creative narrative nonfiction (memoir), ethnography narratives, and community writing. They then put those writing skills into practice by collaborating with seniors at Westminster Village, the Delaware County Senior Center, Whitely, and other interested seniors in the community. During the spring semester, the students set out to edit and design a book for those stories to be published through the 409 independent book press in the English department. In addition, they planned to engage local photographers, spoken word artists, and artists affiliated with YART (a local group of artists) to create visuals for a story collection and a spoken-word performance. Some of that work has been delayed, but, when finished, the publication will be free to participating senior citizens, community partners, as well as local libraries. Performances (dates to be determined later this year)will also be free to the community and hosted at established sites with YART’s assistance.  The students will run the same performances for seniors at the Muncie Delaware County Senior Center and Westminster Village.

Faculty Mentor: Darolyn “Lyn” Jones
Departments: English
Community Partners: Westminster Village, Muncie Delaware County Senior Center, Moth Danner and YART (Yard Sale for Art)
Students: Ki Adkins, Jennifer Criss, Mykaala Cagepork, Hannah Eadie, Ryan Hugo, Meara Kanalas, Andrea Mohler, Dilion O’Nail, Eddie Osburn, Eileen Porzuczek, Melissa Rahe, Emily Turner, Grace Wagner, Katelyn Warner, Laurinda Webb, Nykasia Williams, Bernedette Wilson

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