Beneficence Records (ongoing)

Beneficence Records is housed in Ball State’s Music Media Production Department and is managed by a team of interdisciplinary students focused on promoting the local music scene. As a part of the Cardinal Music Group, this project is a new immersive offering that focuses on Indiana’s burgeoning music business and showcases a diverse roster of artists and their work. This semester, students merged the Beneficence Records project and Indiana Public Radio’s show, “The Scene,” to help support the regional music ecosystem.  Project deliverables included promotion materials for new musicians, curated playlists, music videos, social media, and email marketing campaigns.

Spring 2020 Semester

Faculty Mentor: Daniel Porter
Department: Music
Community Partner: Indiana Public Radio
Students: Megan Berger, Maxwell Denari, Christopher Golab, Lauren Haywood, Miles Jena, Evan Manning, Cesar Rodriguez, Hunter Shaffer, Andrew Smith, Wesley Skaggs, and Jamison Snyder

Fall 2019 Semester

Faculty Mentor: Daniel Porter
Department: Music
Community Partners: Indiana Public Radio


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