Resiliency Plan for Muncie

In fall 2019, Urban Planning students under the direction of Dr. Michael Burayidi prepared a resilience plan for the City of Muncie, IN. Several steps were used in the development of the resilience plan including a review of previous city plans to better understand city priorities, what has been implemented in the past, and where additional focus may be needed. Students also assessed the hazard risk index for Muncie using the Calculated Priority Risk Index (CPRI) to determine the likely hazards that could impact the city. A community survey was conducted using Qualtrics, an online survey tool that obtained responses from community residents. Several civic leaders were also interviewed to gain insights about the state of resilience of the city and how their organizations are contributing to making Muncie a resilient place. The Muncie Resilience Plan is aimed at addressing concerns related to safety, infrastructure, education, economics, and the environment in order to prepare for challenges that may yet be foreseen.

See the plan (pdf)

Faculty Mentor: Michael Burayidi
Department: Urban Planning
Community Partner: City of Muncie

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