Junior Producers Club

In the fall and spring semesters, Ball State’s Music Media Production faculty and students collaborated with the Boys and Girls Club in Muncie’s Whitley Neighborhood to install a recording studio at the Buley Community Center. The room is equipped with higher-end recording equipment to allow youth to record and produce music and develop new skills. Ball State students became problem solvers and communicators while learning to be empathetic to their young clients’ needs. The youth gained technical skills not only in music production but also in computers and digital media.

Faculty Mentor: Christoph Thompson
Department: Music
Community Partners: Boys and Girls Club, Buley Community Center
Student Team: Kyler Altenhof, Emma, Boyd-Ryan, Malik Brown, Chase Carter, Tessa Chason, Aaron Holloway, Max Lawson, Morgan Satterfield, and Makieya Street

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