Teen Dating Violence

Teen dating violence is estimated to occur in one of every ten dating relationships. Nearly 1.5 million U.S. high school students are physically abused by their partners each year. The dynamics of adolescent abuse, neglect, and battery has mostly gone unnoticed. A study of 10th graders showed that 35% had been either physically or verbally abused; and 31% were perpetrators of that abuse. Given the prevalence of dating violence, communities must work together to ensure that victims have access to resources and increased legal protection. Social workers understand the needs of adolescents and their families. Their role is to support teenage victims while advocating for legal, medical, scholar, and family support. The students who participated in this immersive learning experience worked with Muncie’s A Better Way domestic violence shelter, to gain in-depth knowledge of the concerns of teenage victims facing dating violence. Students also gained a new understanding of how local agencies collaborate to provide services for the victims of teen dating violence.

Faculty Mentor: Ron Dolon
Department: Department of Social Work
Community Partner: A Better Way
Student Team: Petyon Adamiec, Mike Burns, Matthew Curtner, Chrislynn Degraffenreid, Rachael Dunn, MakaylaGrayson, Tika Harlan, Alyssa Hewson, Amanda Johnson, Liv Kennett, Alexis Knight, Hannah Leach, Keyairra Mcdonald, Jordan Otero, Casey Radz, Riley Ridenour, Ruth Schultz, Mackenzie Staver, Savannah Urban, Emily Walls

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