Teen Dating Violence

Teen dating violence is estimated to occur in one of every ten dating relationships. Nearly 1.5 million U.S. high school students are physically abused by their partners each year. The dynamics of adolescent abuse, neglect, and battery has mostly gone unnoticed. A study of 10th graders showed that 35% had been either physically or verbally abused; and 31% were perpetrators of that abuse. Given the prevalence of dating violence, communities must work together to ensure that victims have access to resources and increased legal protection. Social workers understand the needs of adolescents and their families. Their role is to support teenage victims while advocating for legal, medical, scholar, and family support. The students who participated in this immersive learning experience worked with Muncie’s A Better Way domestic violence shelter, to gain in-depth knowledge of the concerns of teenage victims facing dating violence. Students also gained a new understanding of how local agencies collaborate to provide services for the victims of teen dating violence.

Faculty Mentor: Ron Dolon
Department: Department of Social Work
Community Partner: A Better Way
Student Team: Petyon Adamiec, Mike Burns, Matthew Curtner, Chrislynn Degraffenreid, Rachael Dunn, MakaylaGrayson, Tika Harlan, Alyssa Hewson, Amanda Johnson, Liv Kennett, Alexis Knight, Hannah Leach, Keyairra Mcdonald, Jordan Otero, Casey Radz, Riley Ridenour, Ruth Schultz, Mackenzie Staver, Savannah Urban, Emily Walls

Whitely Community Safety Committee Focus Groups

The Whitely Community Council Public Safety Committee has been discussing the national dialogue regarding police and community tensions and how those feelings may be reflected in Muncie Delaware County.  This project team conducted interviews and focus groups with Muncie Delaware County residents and police about their perceptions of local police-community relations.  This data will help the Public Safety Committee design programming with the objective of improving communication, understanding, and safety.

Faculty Mentor:  Melinda Messineo
Department:  Sociology
Community Partner:  Whitley Community Safety Committee
Students: Nathan Ayers, Denasiha Christian, Brett Donley, Asia Flemings, Autumn Huse, Alicia Klingerman, Patrick Kluger, Savanna Paddock, Erin Phelps, Lara Schneider, Matthias Tankersley


Muncie Meth Task Force Survey – Fall 2015

The Muncie Meth Task Force is a diverse group of individuals representing housing providers, the health and wellness fields, the city of Muncie, local foundations, and the neighborhoods that are working to find solutions to the issues related to Meth in the community. There are a variety of focus groups and interviews being conducted by consultants at Indiana Resource and Prevention Center out of Indiana University. This work is funded by a NeighborWorks grant to PathStone through which the City of Muncie (Community Development) is a partner.  The purpose of the grant is to complete an assessment of the Meth issue in our community and to establish an action plan to deal with Meth issues relevant to housing.  

In this project Melinda Messineo led a group of Ball State students in conjunction with the Muncie Meth Task Force, to gather information about the use of methamphetamines in Muncie and Delaware county, and the reasons behind the possible increase in usage rates. The data will be used to inform intervention programs that the Task Force will be creating over the next year. To gather the data, students communicated with local law enforcement as well as current and former users from the area.

If you would like more information about the Muncie Meth Taskforce, please contact Annette Phillips.


Be Smart About Safety

The City of Muncie now offers a free new service to help emergency response. Residents are encouraged to sign up for Smart911 to give 9-1-1 and public safety valuable information about your household. This information will be available when you make a 9-1-1 call and will help officials respond to you during a disaster. Providing these details ahead of time can save valuable seconds or even minutes during an emergency. You can also opt-in to receive emergency notifications from your community in the event you need to be alerted about an emergency or disaster.

Seconds count when…

– There’s a weather emergency.
– You are forced to evacuate.
– Power is knocked out.
– A disaster strikes.

Seconds Save Lives. Sign Up Today.

Smart911 Flier (pdf)

Smart911 Website

Smart911 Facebook


Muncie GIS Resources Map for Neighborhoods

Kyle Johnson, Director of the Delaware County GIS Department presented at the March 2015 Neighborhood President’s Council meeting. In response to audience interest, Kyle created an online map of Muncie that includes the ability to view the following data:

  • Properties in Multiple Tax Sales (unsold tax delinquent properties)
  • Muncie Street and Park Trees
  • Crime Density (all Crimes 2009-2014)
  • Hardest Hit Funds Demolitions Properties (round 1 & 2)
  • Parcels (links to Beacon for info)
  • Fire Hydrants
  • Bicycle Friendly Roads
  • Bike Lanes
  • Art & Culture Trail
  • Greenways & Trails
  • Muncie Historic Districts
  • Parcels with Homestead Exemptions (owner occupied)
  • Neighborhood Boundaries
  • UBHA properties (all properties brought before the Unsafe Building hearing Authority since 2012)
  • Muncie Sidewalks
  • Zoning

In order to view the above listed layers, please click on “Content” in the left hand side of the browser. You will be able to turn layers on and off by checking the individual boxes.