Pizza and Place: Cultural Neighborhood Mapping

September 27th from 6-7:30 p.m.

Join us for a family-friendly event at Madjax Makerforce on East Main Street.

Cultural mapping is a process of drawing and visualizing a place, its landmarks, and traditions. It helps people understand the significance of their neighborhood, heritage, and the richness of the cultural landscape they live in. It’s also just fun to doodle.

Through mapping and drawing from memory, we learn about places, heritage, history, cultural traditions, and significant places in our neighborhoods and Muncie. By creating a visual representation of our neighborhoods, we can better understand and appreciate the richness of our community’s culture. It can also point to challenges too.

Additionally, cultural mapping can be used as a tool for preserving cultural heritage. We can learn about the importance of preserving landmarks, sites, and the role they can play in creating community attachment over time.

Join us at Madjax Makerforce and let’s celebrate the diverse cultures that make our neighborhoods thrive! We will eat pizza too!

Organized by: J.P. Hall, College of Architecture and Planning

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