Neighborhood Association Meetings Schedule

Be sure to check your neighborhood’s Facebook page for updates about this month’s meeting!

MAP Neighborhood Leadership Council
6pm, 3rd Tuesday at the Ivy Tech, 345 S. High St., Rm. F261

6:30pm, 3rd Thursday of odd-numbered months at the Community Fellowship Church, 2408 N. Oakwood.

6pm, 2nd Tuesday at the Serenity Club; 1218 S. Brotherton St.

Cowing Park
6pm, 3rd Thursday at the Gardens of Gesthamane Methodist Church; 1201 W. McGalliard

Forest Park
 6:30pm, 3rd Friday at the Delaware County Senior Center; 2517 W. 8th St.

7pm, 2nd Monday at Inside Out, 300 N. Madison Street

Halteman Village (representing Halteman, Norwood, NorHall, and Vienna Woods)
7pm, last Tuesday of every month at the Halteman Village Baptist Church.

6pm, 4th Thursday at Price Hall; 704 S. Madison St.

 2pm- 3rd Saturday in April and October, at Woodlands Nursing Home; 3820 W. Jackson

6pm, 4th Thursday at Muncie Central High School

7pm, 2nd Monday at Minnetrista Cultural Center, January – October.

5:00 p.m. 2nd Saturday at Erwin Davis Memorial Park (summertime). Check Morningside’s page for winter locations.

6pm, 3rd Monday at Northview  Elementary; 807 W. Yale Ave.

See Halteman Village

Old West End
6:30pm, 4th Tuesday at Friends Memorial Church; 418 W. Adams St.

Riverside/Normal City
7pm, 4th Wednesday at Hazelwood Christian Church Fellowship House; 1400 W. University Ave.

South Central
6pm, 4th Monday at Bridges Community Services, 318 W. 8th St.

5:30pm, 4th Tuesday of every month at the Southside Middle School cafeteria.

Thomas Park/Avondale
 6pm, 3rd Wednesday at Ross Community Center; 1110 W. 10th St.

University Heights
6:30pm, 2nd Thursday in March, June, September, and December at Riverside Baptist Church; 3700 W. Riverside Ave.

Western Woods
6pm, 1st Wednesday at Westview  Elementary; 3401 W. Gilbert St.

5:30pm, 2nd Monday at Union Missionary Baptist Church.