Energy Assessment for Small Commercial Buildings in Muncie

In this immersive energy assessment course, students received instruction in current assessment techniques and then used tools and equipment to assess energy utilization for small local commercial buildings in partnership with business professionals. After learning the proper role and methodology for each energy assessment tool, the collected data was turned into readily understandable remediation information for building owners. Additionally, the class investigated the feasibility of implementing the suggested measures along with the anticipated long-term financial return.

Faculty Mentor: Sherif Attallah
Department: Construction Management and Interior Design
Community Partner: Muncie Chamber of Commerce
Students: Michale Delong, Cassie Dorony, Ethan Hacker, Josh Hillery, Avery Reiter, Hannah Schuler, Colten Showalter,
Brian Szymanski, Jacob Wendrickx, Kevin Zielinski

Solar Start Project

Students engaged in the design and procurement process needed to install a 5 KW solar panel system and then monitored and analyzed the system’s performance after installation was complete. This partnership, which involves the Islamic Center of Muncie and an electrical contractor, will capitalize on increasing awareness for renewable solar energy on campus and in the Muncie community.

Faculty Mentor: Sherif Attallah
Department: Construction Management and Interior Design
Community Partner: Islamic Center of Muncie
Students: Kyle Alcaraz, Jeff Gasper, Grant King, David Kosciulek, Hanbit Lee, Thomas Steussy-Williams, Brandon Watson, Darian Wiley, Ross Williams, Kevin Zielinski

Second Harvest Survey 2018

The survey of clients in the surrounding eight counties has been requested by Second Harvest Food Bank of East Central Indiana. The goal is to provide data similar to that from a now-discontinued survey conducted by Feeding America. The Feeding America survey was conducted every four (4) years and the data it provided was used by Second Harvest for purposes such as (but not necessarily limited to) promotional outreach material and grant proposals. It is hoped that this proposed survey will fill the information void left and bring new communities stories to light.

Faculty Mentor: Melinda Messineo
Department: Sociology
Community Partner: Second Harvest Food Bank
Students: Victor Boggs, Rachael Finchum, Dorothy Forster, Alli Goins, Sam Halter, Samaria Hamilton, Katarina Johnson, Samuel Johnson, Danae King, Catina Mccord, Jessy Menker, Peter Moskalew, Olivia Power, Jenny Schultz, Daphne Scott, Iynsey Shockley, Darren Svitko

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Delaware County

Video assets have become a necessary component for nonprofit organizations to communicate their story to potential clients, volunteers and funders. This is especially true for mentoring programs that do not show their transformative impact until their young clients have become adults. This advanced video class created digital stories that promote Big Brothers, Big Sisters’ educational mission and help to recruit volunteers for children needing the influence of a caring adult. Students designed the assets to be used in a variety of platforms to assist the organization in meeting its online, social media and recruitment goals.

Faculty Mentor: Suzanne Plesha, Tim Pollard
Department: Immersive Learning, Telecommunications
Community Partner: Big Brothers Big Sisters of Delaware County
Students: Austin Bishop, Matthew Carson, Caitlynn Elkins, Adam Garner, Derald Gray, Sadik Hrustanovic, Lilly Hunchman, Michelle Majeski, Adam Martin, Meg McMahon, Michael Robb, Jack Salzman, Rebecca Shrode, Chris Sommers, Brandon Townsend, Kenzie VanGoey

Provider Survey for Second Harvest Food Bank

Second Harvest Food Bank of East Central Indiana, our community partner, is a non-profit food distribution organization that serves an eight-county area: Blackford, Delaware, Grant, Henry, Jay, Madison, Randolph, and Wabash. We were asked to gather data from the partner agencies (food distribution sites such as church food pantries and community centers) for the purpose of program improvement. Second Harvest was interested in knowing how their partner agencies make decisions about what food/products to acquire from the food bank,whether the services that they provide are currently meeting the needs of their client populations, what additional services/products are needed by their client populations, what agency services they currently use (e.g., volunteer training, food storage training, etc.), and what additional agency services they would use if available. The students designed and distributed the survey, analyzed the results, and created a report and presentation.

Faculty Mentor: Lisa Pellerin
Department: Sociology
Community Partner: Second Harvest Food Bank of East Central Indiana
Students: David Current, Elisabeth Gates, Sunni Matters, Kaitlin Purdy, Staci Quire, Madison Ream, Amber Sheets, Erica Somerson

Fundraising for Non-profit Organizations

Most non-profit organizations have a wonderful mission but find it a huge challenge to support those missions. Working as a collaborative team, students partnered with local non-profit organizations to identify their financial needs and to come up with different ways of supporting the organizations. The team developed promotional items ranging from brochures and pamphlets to a book of art created by street children in the Philippines as well as promotional t-shirts and stickers. In addition to providing financial support, these products will promote awareness for these organizations. By using local sustainable resources, the organizations can continue to produce these promotional items while supporting the local economy.

Spring 2018

Faculty Mentor: René Church
Department: School of Art
Community Partners: Adventist Frontier Mission, Aria’s Army, Audubon Society, Cradle of Love, Delaware County Futbol, GR3, National Association of Mental Illness, Operation Blackout
Students: Kara Barstead, Jared Brinkworth, Elizabeth Burris, Sophie Gordon, Daniel Hudson, Jordan Jimenez, Kami Kleefish, Lindsey Overstreet, Billy Rollings, Amy Tuttle, Tazia Williams

Fall 2017

Faculty Mentor: René Church
Department: School of Art
Community Partners: GR3 International, Berrien Cancer Services, Cor Fortium, Fanconi Anemia, Delaware County Futbol Club, Child Study Center, Your Story Hour
Students: JR Pegg, Leah Gabbard, Jessica Matthews, Duy Tran, Taylor Barrett, Ramsey Stevens, Bethany Gordon, Kaylie McKee, Trenton Shroeder