Energy Assessment for Small Commercial Buildings in Muncie

In this immersive energy assessment course, students received instruction in current assessment techniques and then used tools and equipment to assess energy utilization for small local commercial buildings in partnership with business professionals. After learning the proper role and methodology for each energy assessment tool, the collected data was turned into readily understandable remediation information for building owners. Additionally, the class investigated the feasibility of implementing the suggested measures along with the anticipated long-term financial return.

Faculty Mentor: Sherif Attallah
Department: Construction Management and Interior Design
Community Partner: Muncie Chamber of Commerce
Students: Michale Delong, Cassie Dorony, Ethan Hacker, Josh Hillery, Avery Reiter, Hannah Schuler, Colten Showalter,
Brian Szymanski, Jacob Wendrickx, Kevin Zielinski

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