Fundraising for Non-profit Organizations

Most non-profit organizations have a wonderful mission but find it a huge challenge to support those missions. Working as a collaborative team, students partnered with local non-profit organizations to identify their financial needs and to come up with different ways of supporting the organizations. The team developed promotional items ranging from brochures and pamphlets to a book of art created by street children in the Philippines as well as promotional t-shirts and stickers. In addition to providing financial support, these products will promote awareness for these organizations. By using local sustainable resources, the organizations can continue to produce these promotional items while supporting the local economy.

Spring 2018

Faculty Mentor: René Church
Department: School of Art
Community Partners: Adventist Frontier Mission, Aria’s Army, Audubon Society, Cradle of Love, Delaware County Futbol, GR3, National Association of Mental Illness, Operation Blackout
Students: Kara Barstead, Jared Brinkworth, Elizabeth Burris, Sophie Gordon, Daniel Hudson, Jordan Jimenez, Kami Kleefish, Lindsey Overstreet, Billy Rollings, Amy Tuttle, Tazia Williams

Fall 2017

Faculty Mentor: René Church
Department: School of Art
Community Partners: GR3 International, Berrien Cancer Services, Cor Fortium, Fanconi Anemia, Delaware County Futbol Club, Child Study Center, Your Story Hour
Students: JR Pegg, Leah Gabbard, Jessica Matthews, Duy Tran, Taylor Barrett, Ramsey Stevens, Bethany Gordon, Kaylie McKee, Trenton Shroeder

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