Serve to Learn Youth Development Project and Focus Groups

The Whitely Community Council would like to create a youth focused TimeBank.  This project team obtained data from community youth about the experiences they would like to “withdraw” as well as the assets they could “deposit” as participants in the program.  This information would be used to increase students’ awareness of and interest in the “Serve to Learn” TimeBank program as well as help them articulate their personal interests and assets.  To gather the asset data and foster program engagement, BSU students conducted activity-based focus groups with Muncie area youth.  This data gathered will help the committee members design the TimeBank program.  In addition to developing research skills, BSU students connected with and increased empathy for the Muncie Community and learned about the principles of TimeBanking.

Youth Development Project Faculty Mentor:  Dorshele Stewart
Departments:  History
Community Partner:  Whitely Community Council
Students: Elyssia Anderson, Lauren Borst, Michelle Caneva, Hayley Eckert, Victoria Fehr, Thomas Harrell, Victoria Harris, Deidre Henderson, Mercedes Hoover, Samantha Maethner, Kirsten Neal, Samantha Reason, Brianna Refner, Nina Richardson, Eleonora Smith, Eric Southerland, Danielle Wellman, Kaylyn West, Justice Williams, Brandon Wyllie

Time Bank Focus Groups Faculty Mentor:  Melinda Messineo
Department:  Sociology
Community Partner:  Whitley Community Safety Committee
Students: Sonia Brewer, Victoria Foster, Hallie Johns, Grace Kelly, Braderick Morrison, Jessica Oracheff, Keanna Peppers, Danielle Staley, Abigail Stellwagen, Christina Valdez, Brianna Williams

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