Learning Eustress Options (LEO): A Police Stress Project

This course addresses police stress in one large police department (Muncie Police Department). The course team (students and others) will measure police stress quantitatively (survey), qualitatively (interviews), and provide data-driven recommendations to the department for responding to and addressing stress. The recommendations will come in the form of a report to the Muncie Police Department. Students will be exposed to appropriate research methodologies, readings on police stress, best practices/evidence-based practices, and how to construct a recommendation report. Working with the Muncie Police Department to study police stress is ideal since Muncie has been considered for many decades as the “typical American city” based on the famous Middletown Studies of the 1920s and 1930s.

Faculty Mentor: Bryan D. Byers
Department: Criminal Justice and Criminology
Community Partners: Muncie Indiana Police Department
Students: Austin Anderson, Deja Clardy, Madison Doyle, Austin Feller, Garrett Grzegorzewski, Angel Hill, Sam Manion, Frank Munoz, Nate Parker, Lexy Rodriguez, Alex Stein, Matthew Wischnowski

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