Maplewood Mansion Learning Lab

Fall 2018: Students from the IU School of Medicine complete a “clerkship” by working for 4-6 weeks in a medical establishment in one of several locations in Indiana. The Ball Brothers Foundation would like more medical students to complete their clerkship in the Muncie area, with the ultimate goal that these future doctors will return to Muncie to live and work upon graduation. Maplewood Mansion Learning Lab is a collaborative arrangement between Ball State University, IU School of Medicine – Muncie, and the Ball Brothers Foundation to provide short-term housing for these medical students. Residential Property Management (RPM) students researched ways to improve Maplewood Mansion as housing for these medical students and how to offer an outstanding Muncie experience that will attract and retain these future doctors. RPM students will share their recommendations for improvements to the physical site, management of the site, and ways to connect the residents to the area.

Fall 2017: Maplewood Mansion Learning Lab (MMLL) opened in Fall 2017 and had no policies or procedures for operations, nor did they have a promotional campaign. The Residential Property Management students (seniors and a graduate student) created all of this for MMLL. They are assisting with the operations of Maplewood Mansion as short-term rental housing for the IU Med School students doing their “clerkship” at IU Ball Memorial Hospital. They are in the process of completing internal policies and documents (emergency plan, move-in/move-out checklist and form, resident handbook, guest satisfaction survey, etc.) as well as products related to external relations (logo, career apparel, Muncie visitor information, vision/mission statement, website, Facebook page, etc.). Specific course objectives include evaluate an apartment community’s policies and procedures for marketing, management, and maintenance; make recommendations for alternative solutions; and apply professional skills to the development of a final report/presentation of project results.

Fall 2018

Faculty Mentors: Carla Earhart
Departments: Management
Community Partners: Maplewood Mansion Learning Lab, Ball Brothers Foundation, IU School of Medicine-Muncie
Students: Michael Dickens, Madison Egold, Dustin Geise, Jacob Greer, Colin Harrison, Andreas Hji-Avgoustis, Akeem Hutchinson, Mason Knox, Hayden Olszyk,Jordan Sherman, Rachael Sloan, Paige Snyder, Morgan Truhan, Cihai (Charles) Zhang

Fall 2017

Faculty Mentor: Carla Earhart & David Martin
Department: Management
Community Partners: IU School of Medicine – Muncie Campus
Students: Alex Byerly, Rachel Cox, Ronald Harrington, Amy Herron, MacKenzi Roe

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