Philosophy for High School Students

Philosophy, which encourages students to ask questions, look at familiar things in new ways, listen to one another, and examine their own beliefs and positions, is a fantastic way for high school students to learn about themselves and the world around them. It also helps them prepare for their futures in a complex, ever-changing world. Students in this immersive learning class learned about best practices in philosophy education for high school students, ran a high school philosophy club at Muncie Central High School, and planned and hosted an innovative philosophy conference held at Ball State University for high school students across the state.

Faculty Mentor: Sarah Vitale
Department: Philosophy and Religious Studies
Community Partner: Muncie Central High School
Students: Justin Archer, Hannah Bartholf, Elizabeth Bolinger, Daniel Klinestiver, Zoe Lawson, Michael Mares, Owen Miller, Luke Owens, Gabriel Shetterley, Lexi Wood

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