Muncie Neighborhood Visual Identity Design (ongoing)

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The City of Muncie has diverse communities with friendly people, exciting pasts, and outstanding cultural amenities that make it a desired place to live, do business, and visit. Starting in Spring 2019, Studio 165+, an immersive design studio in the School of Art, began working with neighborhood committees to develop their visual identity, elevate their image and evoke a sense of pride in residents. The students researched each neighborhood determining unique key aspects, characteristics, challenges, and opportunities. After developing a neighborhood identity, they created designs to captured those characteristics and established style guides to help the neighborhoods illustrate graphic standards and rules to ensure consistency and continuity across applications and platforms. The neighborhoods done so far include Gatewood, Halteman Village, Westbrier, Old West End, Robinwood Estates, Forest Park, McKinley, Southside, Riverside/Normal City, and Whitely.  With input from residents of each neighborhood, they created a variety of materials including logos for each neighborhood to choose from, each one tailored to what makes that area of our community special–from the mid-century architecture of Halteman Village, to the open hands of Whitely.

If Studio 165+ is coming to your neighborhood soon, please fill out this brief questionnaire to help them get started on your new neighborhood identity.

Photo Gallery | You can also check out the great work they’ve done so far!

Awards & Recognition:

Whitely Community Identity Design

  1. American Graphic Design Award (National Award)
  2. American Advertising Federation East Central Indiana, Silver ADDY (Local Award)

Old West End Neighborhood Identity Design

  1. American Advertising Federation East Central Indiana, Gold ADDY (Local Award)
  2. American Advertising Federation East Central Indiana, Judges Choice ADDY (Local Award)
  3. American Advertising Federation East Central Indiana, Best of Show ADDY (Local Award)

Studio 165+

Project Page:


Spring 2019

Faculty Mentor: Shantanu Suman
Department: Art
Community Partner: Building Better Neighborhoods, Muncie Action Plan, Halteman Village, Robinwood Estates, Westbrier Neighborhood, Whitely Community, Old West End
Students: Nikki Abel, Ashley Allegretti, Hanna Boggs, Mariah Drake, Kate Hamilton, Valerie Francis, Emily Lipps, Sylvia Marbach, Samantha Robbins, Cameo Smith, Ashlyn Sterling, Katie Strader, Angel Winchester

Fall 2019

Faculty Mentor: Shantanu Suman
Department: Art
Community Partner: Building Better Neighborhoods, Muncie Action Plan, Forest Park, McKinley Live Learn Neighborhood, Southside Neighborhood
Student Team: Samantha Robbins, Ashlyn Sterling, Dominic Zelli, Erin Mawhorter, Jared Carter, Joel Hall, Katie Strader, Katie Hamilton, Mariah Drake, Ashley Allegretti, Jakob Rosenberger, Mariah Jester, Nikki Abel

Spring 2020

Faculty Mentor: Shantanu Suman
Department: Art
Community Partner: Building Better Neighborhoods, Muncie Action Plan, Riverside/Normal City
Student Team: Samantha Robbins, Ashlyn Sterling, Katie Strader, Valerie Francis, Angel Winchester, Hanna Boggs, Mariah Drake, Cameo Smith, Kate Hamilton, Ashley Allegretti, Sylvia Marbach, Nikki Abel, Dominic Zelli, Erin Mawhorter, Jared Carter, Joel Hall, Jake Gesick, Aubrey Hayden, Xander Crawley, Kimberly Holbrook, James Ong Jakob Rosenberger, and Mariah Jester

Gatewood Neighborhood Gates Restoration Project

Gatewood has completed the neighborhood-sponsored leveling, cleaning, tuck-pointing and restoration of their historic Gate Pillars installed almost 100 years ago in 1927.  Here are some before and after photos of the Gate Pillars at University And Forest Avenues.


Gatewood Neighborhood

Gatewood header


IThe Kitselman Centern 1927 Edwin Faye Kitselman was one of four brothers who were industrialist leaders in Muncie Indiana. The inventive Kitselman brothers originally made roller skates in a factory east of Muncie in Ridgeville, Indiana, and eventually the company became a manufacturer of steel and wire fences. Mr. Kitselman, who was also a golfer, hunter, politician, and fisherman, bought several wooded acres at what was then the west end of University Avenue. He and his wife, Edna F. Leach Kitselman, had four children: Richard, Alice, Nancy and Jean. They built the stately brick home pictured here. Unfortunately, a short time later, in 1928, Mr. Kitselman died, leaving the land and the home to his wife and children. Almost three decades later, in 1956, the surviving Kitselman children, Richard, Nancy and Jean (all now deceased) deeded the Tudor Gothic home and 2.65 acres to the Ball State University Foundation. The home became known as the Kitselman Center and was utilized by Ball State University in succeeding years as a venue for conferences and special events.

On October 12, 1956, the Gatewood neighborhood plat was proposed by J. Roberts Dailey (local realtor and civic leader) and other partners, and on November 8, 1956 the Gatewood subdivision was approved with 92 lots all designed as single-family residences with the exception of three lots on the south side of Riverside where duplex rentals were permitted. Over the next thirty years homes of varying styles were built and occupied.

In 1987, Lot 4 of the Gatewood subdivision was split into a north half and south half and sold to the homeowners of lots 3 and 5, thus ending the 60 years of Kitselman ownership of this segment of wooded land west of the city of Muncie. Gatewood has 92 homes and is a thriving neighborhood.

In 2000, Virginia B. Ball, local philanthropist and active supporter of education, the environment, the arts, and the humanities, established the Virginia B. Ball Center for Creative Inquiry at Ball State University. With the approval of the Ball State University Foundation, the Kitselman Center was chosen as the home of that center which still exists today.

Gatewood is bounded on the North by Riverside Avenue, the south by Gilbert Street, the west by Greenbriar Road and Bittersweet Lane and on the east by Forest Avenue, comprising 92 homes and approximately 80 acres. Today Gatewood is a neighborhood made up of accountants, artists, bankers, business men and women, children, counselors, doctors, engineers, fathers and mothers, grandparents, inventors, judges, lawyers, musicians, nurses, pharmacists, plumbers, professors, realtors, school administrators, teachers and very good neighbors.

In the early 2000’s, student rental properties continued popping up in residential neighborhoods in Muncie. The Gatewood Neighborhood Association was formed in an effort to sustain and support the Kitselman families’ original intent to develop a single family residential neighborhood and to support good neighboring.

In 2018 Gatewood completed neighborhood sponsored leveling, cleaning, tuck-pointing and restoration of the 1927 Gate Pillars at University and Forest Avenues.

Neighborhood Association

Board Members 2024

President:  Anna McGlinchy

Board Members and Street Representatives:

Bittersweet Lane: William (Bill) Pritchett
Brentwood Lane, North side of University: Brook Huser
Brentwood Lane, South side of University: Larry Strange
Forest Avenue and Gilbert Street: Kate Elliott
Gatewood Lane and Riverside Avenue: Jim Wingate
Greenbriar Road: Molly Graybeal
University Avenue:  Dr. Don Whitaker
Wildwood Lane: Mr. Ron Martin
Board Member-at-large: Dlynn Melo

Secretary/Treasurer/Newsletter: Sue Whitaker

Committee Chairs: Jim Wingate, Government Liaison

Molly Graybeal, New Neighbor Welcome Coordinator
Casey Stanley, Facebook Administrator

Neighborhood School:

West View Elementary, MCS
3401 W. Gilbert Street

Schedule of Meetings and Activities for 2024:

  • March 16 – Easter Egg Hunt with Kenmore
  • March 21 – Board Meeting
  • April 14 – GNA Member Meeting
  • September 8 – Picnic with Kenmore
  • November 10 – GNA Member Meeting

Neighborhood Map

Gatewood map (pdf)

2016 IDEA Conference Poster


Gatewood_Board_Final.compressed 2(click the image to view the full poster as a pdf)

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