Muncie Neighborhood Visual Identity Design (ongoing)

snippet of one of the branding images

Studio 165+ is a professional graphic design course that aims to offer a rich academic experience with an emphasis on real-world application through design and marketing campaigns across multiple media platforms. This immersive project is part of their ongoing initiative to update or provide a branded look for each of Muncie’s neighborhoods.  This semester students of Studio 165+ worked with Gatewood, Halteman Village, Westbrier, Old West End, Robinwood Estates, and Whitely.  With input from residents of each neighborhood, they created a variety of materials including logos for each neighborhood to choose from, each one tailored to what makes that area of our community special–from the mid-century architecture of Halteman Village, to the open hands of Whitely.

If Studio 165+ is coming to your neighborhood soon, please fill out this brief questionnaire to help them get started on your new neighborhood identity.

You can also check out the great work they’ve done so far!


Spring 2019

Faculty Mentor: Shantanu Suman
Department: Art
Community Partner: Building Better Neighborhoods, Muncie Action Plan
Students: Nikki Abel, Ashley Allegretti, Hanna Boggs, Mariah Drake, Kate Hamilton, Valerie Francis, Emily Lipps, Sylvia Marbach, Samantha Robbins, Cameo Smith, Ashlyn Sterling, Katie Strader, Angel Winchester


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